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SkillReflect features

Through years of innovation, development and passion for coaching, SkillReflect offers a powerful video-feedback platform for professional skill development.

Uploading and live recording

With just a smartphone or webcam, you can capture high-quality video with ease. In SkillReflect you can easily upload in predefined and created sessions. On these created sessions, you can easily use LIVE tagging aswell. This makes it very usefull to use in training environments. It doesn’t require any extra equipment or complicated training. All it takes is a few minutes to set it up and start analysing.


Wish you could tag a skill or competency, common mistake or fantastic moment with just one click? Or tag a crucial moment in a video? That’s exactly what you can do with our tags. Use unique, customizable tags to save you hours of time coding videos.

By tagging an interesting moment, SkillReflect will create a fragment going back 20 seconds before you tagged and 10 seconds after you tagged. This fragment will be stored and can be reviewd. This results in a database of tagged video fragments to easily refer back to and view for development, good practice etc.

The tags are also available in uploadable pre defined packages. We have packages available for many competence and skillsets.

Self development tracking

When analysing your video fragments, you become aware of your patterns and your own required development. Our Personal Development Plan provides you a simple register of your development points. Based on proven reflection methods, you can increase your awareness and create actions to improve your skills.  

By filtering and selecting you can easily provide yourself an overview of your development actions.

Progress dashboard

All tagged data will be categorised and combined in a clear dashboard. In the development start screen you can see an overview of all competence Skillsets with a brief overview of your development. Selecting a competence skillset will provide you a dashboard of all your tagged videomaterial in one clear overview. Here you can, for example, look for patterns in your skills by selecting a competence behaviour. All tagged video fragments will be played in a playlist.

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