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In our years as trainers and educators we developed many trainees by letting them reflect on their skills. Mainly we recorded the handling on video and watched and analysed the video, focused on a specific skill. The biggest challenge was to obtain a broader overview of the total skill set based on several recordings. With SkillReflect it is possible to easily tag your skills and save portions of your recorded video as evidence material for such a skill set. Also with SkillReflect it is possible to gain detailed insight on your progress and development on skill sets based on several video’s.

One of the first things in learning is creating awareness on what to learn. In the past 20 years this learning experience has more become a result of self assessment and feedback then knowledge transfering from a specialist. Self assessment and reflection became crucial in learning experiences. With SkillReflect you can create awareness on skill development of any kind by self reflecting on a real activity you record. With a predefined skill and competence set, you are able to tag your on recorded activies. Next to tagging, a development dashboard is available to monitor your skill development.

Our mission

Our mission is to change the way we learn and create an easy way to obtain effective learning. Learning by doing becomes more important and with current techniques we are used to a camera recording our activities on the job. This provides us material for selfreflection and coaching to improve our skills. We believe this is a very powerfull method of developing as the motivation to change behaviour is created by the trainee, by looking at real recoded material of his/her activities.

Our vision

We see a world where it’s normal to record you activities, it’s normal to be accountable for your own development and where it’s normal to reflect and be coached to professionaly develop your skills.We also believe that development will be boosted if you are guided to tag and see prove of good skills and also be made aware yourselve on what skills can be improved.  

Our background

SkillReflect has started as a benchmark. As a coachtraining organisation, we were always looking for new software techniques providing us easy tools on recording, analysing and developing skills.In sports, it was already more common to record a game and analyse the game on the spot. Tags were made for ball possession, scoring, penalties, infringements, player statistics etc. Also these moments where analysed by player teams to look back at the tagged recording moments and improve their sporting skills. With this benchmark we created a blueprint for analysing software for communication and coaching skills.

Our users and community

We provide an online video-analysis platform for individuals, groups and educational institutes. The trainee simply uploads videos and shares them online with peers, coaches/mentors or other people that can help in the skill development process.

As we have combined knowledge of software developers and training institutes we know how people learn and we know how to built user friendly software. We believe that everybody is entitled to easily reflect and develop skills and with SkillReflect we will change everyones learning experience.